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Wig Apocalypse: Wigs taking over?

What is a wig? A piece that covers your head that usually is made from human hair, animal hair or synthetic hair.

There are many reasons why people love wigs. Some people want to hide their hair loss without taking the more expensive route of getting hair surgery. Some are avoiding more damage of installing hair extensions and risking tension breakage.Wigs are also very helpful to cancer patients, a blessing in disguise to say the least. A lot of women use wigs like apparel as a way to periodically change up their appearance. Lets not forget they are worn heavily in the music and film industry.

Wigs are convenient in so many ways. The ultimate tool to protective styling if used correctly. Now I know some people may say wigs pull there hair out and it can if you neglect your real hair underneath, with the convenience of a wig you should be taking it off daily and greasing/oiling your scalp. Shampooing your hair every 2 weeks, deep-conditioning and trimming your ends every 5-6 weeks. Just because you wear a wig does not mean neglect the love you are required to give your real hair. This is where many people mess up and why they experience breakage while wearing wigs.

Wigs are made to work hand in hand with you,not against you. Create a daily routine.

There are many types of wigs to choose from full lace wigs, Lace front wigs, Closure wigs, toupees and so many more! The most common two are frontal wigs and lace closure wigs. These are often made into custom wig units.

Lace Frontal wigs

A wig with lace from ear to ear that can be parted or styled anyway across the front. They come in sizes 13x4 and 13x6. Tracks are sewn in the back and these wigs can be made to be glue-less or glued. They're very popular for their realness they portray. Let it blow in the wind and no one can tell you a thing when its applied correctly. These wigs have a bit more maintenance than closure wigs.

Closure Wigs

These are the go to wigs for beginners because of how freaking easy they are to apply. They have less lace than a frontal wig but still gives all the realness of scalp. Closure wigs don't give you as much versatility as a frontal wig would. If your in to wearing your hair down or have a favorite place to part your hair constantly, then this wig will work for you. I encourage anyone who is new to wigs to start with a closure wig. Closure wigs come in so many sizes. The bigger the closure the more versatile you can be. 7x7 being the largest closure goes from temple to temple.

Full lace wigs

Then there is the big boy!! This is the ultimate lace of all laces. This wig can be parted anywhere throughout. This wig has no tracks, its a full ventilated cap. It can be worn in a pony to any extent even a high ponytail or bun. It can be braided or turned into an up-do. A full lace wig can pretty much do it all but this wig is also the most maintenance. Usually requires glue to get the full realistic effect and doesn't last as long as the other wigs. Bummer right? But they are super cute, super versatile, and great for event wear!

After reading this which wig works for you? We really want to know!

Wondering where you can get a sturdy wig that fits to your personal needs and dreams? of course! Where you can find ready made wigs, custom wigs or build your own wig right from the site. Check us out for yourself!

As always, Its a breath of fresh air to be away from bad hair - Love Bombshell Perfection

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