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Shampooing Wigs

Let me guess you got a new wig, wore it a couple of times and now realize it needs to be washed. Now were here because you have no idea how to properly maintain your wig. Its important that you know the basics, so you can get the most wears out of your wigs.

Don't Panic! We got you covered. If you wanna know how to keep your wigs looking new with natural lust and silk like softness, Keep reading.

Firstly,its important to know when its time to wash your wig. How much you wear it, the amount of products you use, and how you store your wig plays factors on when it should be washed.

Are you the woman who switches wigs out often? Like every 2-3 days? You change your wig up with your outfit? okay we see the vibes! You probably wont need to wash your hair every week. Just store away your wig in a dust free wig bag and your more likely to get 1-2 more wears out of it before shampooing.

But If your more likely to wear one wig for weeks at a time then your probably more likely to have to wash your wigs more often. It comes down to lifestyle.


Every 2 week shampoos are recommended for wigs worn regularly

when starting your shampoo off use clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoo gives a more intense cleansing shampoo. It helps remove residue from surface of hair. Clarifying can be a bit drying depending on the kind you use. So Its important to follow up with the second shampoo being a hydrating shampoo. Hydrating washes bring deep moisture back to the hair and helps with the softening process.

Hydrating shampoos that we recommend for our wigs and hair extensions are Moroccan oil hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

MAJOR KEY TIP: When washing hair always give the hair strokes in the direction going in a downward motion. Try not to massage the hair together too much. This can cause tangling later on.

Conditioning is King. The right conditioner will turn your hair from dusty and crusty to flowing and glowing in just 20 mins. Using a good conditioner can make or break the results of your hair. We absolutely love the Moroccan oil conditioner, Let it sit on the hair for 20 minutes, apply heat during process always will be a plus. Follow up with cool water when rinsing conditioner out to seal in moisture and keep all cuticles in tact and undamaged.


Once conditioning process is done take a wide tooth comb and comb through hair to avoid tangles.Place your wig on your wig stand and let it naturally dry over night.This will give you the best results. After its completely air dried, apply a light heat protectant before styling with hot tools. Its that easy and your wig is back to new.

Its important to always place your wig back on the wig holder when you take it off. I know its so easy to pull our wigs off after a long day of getting to the bag and let it fall wherever it may land lol. Even when we go through those days its important to put your wigs on the holders. It not only keeps the shape of the wig in tact, but it prevents from dust and other dirt from surfaces get in your hair.

So lets go over the steps one more time. First shampoo with a clarifying shampoo to remove all dirt from surface of hair.Then follow up with a hydrating shampoo to add moisture back into hair. After the hydrating shampoo apply conditioner and let sit for a minimum of 20 mins. Then detangle your wig and allow to dry over night.


Your hair is back to new.Now back to being the bad ass you were meant to be. Remember, Your wigs are an investment treat them well and they will keep you looking top dollar.

As always, Its a breath of fresh air to be rid of bad hair!


Bombshell Perfection



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