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Are you looking to wear your wig glueless but still get that melted scalp look without the glue? This is the spray for you! It has a strong hold and keeps your wig melted and secured for 4-5 days. 

Our Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray – is strong enough for an all-day hold, yet gentle for easy removal. Formulated to seamlessly blend into your hairline, this melting spray ensures a natural look.

💖 ADHESIVE SPRAY: Melting spray for secure wig attachment. Seamlessly blends for a natural look.

💪 EXTREME FIRM HOLD: Enjoy an extreme finish that lasts all week, offering mega strength at an affordable price.

🎯 PRECISION: Our lace wig adhesive spray features a point nozzle for precise spraying, allowing you to pinpoint application areas. Quick-dry formula ensures lasting hold all week.

🌧️ SWEAT RESISTANT: Oil and perspiration-resistant formula ensures your wig stays in place, even through oily skin, scalp, and high humidity.

🐇 CRUELTY-FREE: Latex-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. Slay your wig while being conscious of your choices. Upgrade your wig game with Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray – where strength meets versatility.

Ebin Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray 2.7fl. oz.

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