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The Top 8 Things to Look for When Searching for Your Perfect Salon Professional.

Updated: May 24

Hey there, beauty enthusiasts! We've stepped into 2024, and it's time we said goodbye to overpriced services with no value, lackluster attitudes, and those endless waits that leave us frustrated.

As professionals, we get you. That's why it's essential to distinguish between someone merely doing hair and a genuine salon professional. So, let's dive into the top 8 things to consider when scouting for that dream hair stylist or salon:

Website Evaluation:

  • Tone & Clarity: Is the website welcoming? Do they get straight to the point without overloading you with unnecessary information?

  • Contact Details: Is there a clear phone number or email for bookings? And importantly, are deposit requirements, prices, and cancellation policies transparently listed? This initial impression sets the tone for your entire experience.

Consultation Process:

Whether it's a brief 2-minute chat or a more extended 20-minute session, the consultation is crucial. A good stylist will ask about your lifestyle, hair challenges, goals, and any prior treatments, ensuring they genuinely understand and care about you and your hair journey.

Salon Ambiance:

What's the vibe as you step in? A warm greeting within the first few seconds? A lively atmosphere with pleasant music, cleanliness, and welcoming faces? Seek that environment that feels like an old-school barbershop or salon, where laughter and compliments flow freely.

Attitude & Personality:

Personality counts! Who wants a stylist with low energy or a reluctance to engage? Remember, your hairstylist should offer not just hair services but also a therapeutic experience. If conversation feels forced or absent, consider looking elsewhere.

Experience & Service:

Ensure you're getting value for your money. Ensure services like shampooing are included and that your stylist provides tailored recommendations, treatments, and advice to maintain your hair's health and

Time Management:

Respect for time is crucial. While multitasking is common, your stylist should manage their time effectively, respecting your appointment slot. Consistent tardiness isn't acceptable, and professionals should have clear policies for lateness.


A great stylist's relationship doesn't end when you step out of the salon. Look for those who follow up, offering maintenance tips and checking in on your satisfaction post-appointment.

Customer Appreciation:

The little things matter! A stylist who remembers your birthday, offers loyalty rewards, or runs appreciation events signifies they value and cherish their clients.

In conclusion, with the hairstyling culture under scrutiny, it's more crucial than ever to distinguish between hobbyists and dedicated professionals. Looking for a Salon that Checks All the Boxes?

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Here's to finding that perfect salon experience! 💇‍♀️🌟

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