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whats tea in the hair industry of "virgin hair" Are you wearing real or fake?

The foolery must stop and I'm here to be of assistant to getting rid of the cap in the rap of virgin hair. Today, Extensions are used so wide in range to create many different looks. So many people are scamming its only right i let you know what to look for when shopping around. In this post you’ll learn how to tell the difference between the real, the fake, and the trash honey! It will save you hundreds.


Hair extensions are used in a wide range in the beauty industry to create wigs, hair pieces, pony's and installing sew-ins. These extensions come in human hair, animal hair and synthetic hair and its important that you know the difference to choose whats best for you.

Human hair 100% virgin hair or raw hair to be exact are real hair tresses. Each bundle is cut directly from the donors head and then taken through a series of processes to clean and prepare. Its at the top of the list and in high demand. It can be bleached, dyed, or permed to any texture or color desired. Real 100% human hair is hard to come by.

so whats real virgin hair? Virgin hair can be lifted to the highest level of blonde (level 9) and still maintain its elasticity and moisture retention without being fried. It can be straightened or curl and reverts back to its natural texture very easily. Virgin hair will last you more than 6 months, more than a year but 2 years or more. Real virgin hair is like a diamond, hard to come by and to be valued when found. Many say they have it but very few really do.

How would you know if its real hair? Strand test of course take a piece of hair and burn it. If it melts slowly into a ball instead of burning, smells like rubber and produces black smoke, it‘s not human hair. Human hair will immediately catch fire, burn nearly instantly curling into a little ball, and smell like burning hair. Synthetic hair burns slow (Synthetic hair will melt on your flat iron) Now its nothing wrong if you prefer to wear synthetic hair but please understand that it wont last long at all. You actually will end up in the long run kicking out more money than intended to replace your wig regularly. If your OK with that by all means do you boo!

But wait..


Just because the hair burns slow does not mean its virgin hair. Real virgin hair is cut from one donor, cleaned, inspected, CLEANED AGAIN, and taking through a steam process to create whatever texture desired. Thats it nothing more nothing less.

Many companies now add in fillers (A mix of material that includes animal hair and fabric) to stretch the stock of their hair and make it seem fuller.

This my friend we consider SCAM hair. This is not virgin hair and this is what most beauty supply stores sell you to cut there cost on the back end. But yet have the audacity to still charge you these ridiculous prices for this trash of hair.

Most time this hair can not color pass a level 3(dark brown) and sometimes as it tries to lift during the bleaching process its red. This definitely is a sign they put color on top to make the fillers blend in with the other types of hair. Usually pieces left over from different donors hair . Another sure sign of scam hair is when you visibly see it smoking while through a bleach process, It usually really hot to touch during the bleaching process well. Woo, throw it away. It’s not worth you sanity.


Where can I get real virgin hair? Directly from of course were we never mislead. You get exactly what you pay for, and thats Virgin hair !

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