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Swiss lace vs Hd lace, Its levels!

Its getting into that season when alot more people are wanting to try laces. With prom around the corner and major wedding seasons, its important to know how to tell the difference between good lace, bad lace and what works best for your lifestyle!

Lets get the most important detail out the way first, NO BAD LACE!

"well how will i know how to figure out if its bad lace? When choosing lace the main thing you need to pay close attention to is the color of the lace. Depending on your skin tone its better to decide on which color lace you need by shopping transparent, light brown, medium brown and dark brown. All of these can be used depending on skin complexion but grey lace is a no! Place lace up against white towel or paper towel, it allows you to see clear if you have grey lace. Grey lace is cheap low quality french lace that cannot be tinted to clients skin tone if needed. Grey lace stays grey when tinting and usually harder for knots to bleach. Also when identifying bad lace keep in mind its not just grey lace but hard lace that has no flexibility and frontals with a straight across hair line. Lace that has minimum flexibility to the curve of the head causes problems when applying adhesive. This lace usually is rougher to touch. Lace Fronts with straight full hair lines across should be avoided. Not only does it take an extremely long time to pluck but straight hair lines create a wiggy look. How they tie the hair on the lace when making lace fronts plays a huge part in how realistic it will look. This comes down to spacing between knots and density as well as direction in which the hair is tied on the lace.

This can be alot but Bombshell Perfection has you covered on all the facts on good lace.

Good lace isn't cheap and cheap lace doesn't make your life or pockets easier. Good lace is important when trying to create a realistic natural looking hair lines. You cant be out here just buying anything when you trying to be the Beyonce of hair. It cost to floss. In the long run cheap lace will cost you more.

Swiss lace

Swiss lace is a more common used lace that come in shades transparent, Light brown, medium brown and dark brown lace. Its a nice medium fine lace that can be tinted to any skin tone with lace tint. They usually come with a pre-plucked hairlines and knots bleach within 10-15 minutes very easily. This lace usually can provide you multiple wears up to 2-3 times. When installed by the right stylist this lace will give you a natural scalp illusion.

Hd Lace (high definition lace)

High definition lace is one of the newer lace types in 2020. It gives you the most natural hair line with the lace being completely undetectable. The material used to create these hair pieces are used from the finest swiss materials, with reinforced sewing lines and pleats to retain contour. Hd lace better accommodates lighter densities. When dealing with hd lace you must keep in mind that this is the most delicate of laces so its important to be gentle when customizing and applying. Lace can tear very easily so we recommend going to a professional when dealing with this lace.

Hd lace Vs. Regular swiss lace. which one works for you?

Lifestyle matters when purchasing lace. Be realistic with yourself on what works best for you. If your someone who doesn't know much about laces, has a heavy work schedule that prevents you from making your frontal maintenance appointments occasionally or your rougher on your hair then trying a Regular swiss lace may be the better route for you. Although lace has maintenance period. Regular swiss lace is more durable than hd lace.

If your someone who changes there hair up regularly, has more time to keep up with your lace or you have hair knowledge in maintaining lace then hd lace may do you well. After all hd laces are the most realistic and are great for weddings, proms and other events.

Lastly, important information to know when deciding on lace is how many wears your looking to get out of your lace. Swiss lace is more durable when being cleaned and can be used for 2-3 installations. High definition lace (hd) may last you 1-2 installs. This lace unravels as it gets old so the more lace that unravels the more you have to trim. Leading to these frontals being replaced more often.

Whatever you may choose just take into consideration your life style and what you can properly keep up with. Its levels to the lace game, choose wisely.

As always its a breath of fresh air to be away from bad hair.

Bombshell Perfection


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