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Whether you’re looking for a complete transformation, or to upgrade your current look - We are committed to giving you a variety of creative hair extension and wig options. Not only will you look and feel amazing, your transformation includes quality education on upkeep, styling, and maintenance. Are you a working woman who doesn’t have time to keep up with their hair and need a low maintenance protective style? Are you the millennial chick inspired by the looks of celebs like Megan The Stallion and Kash Doll… You like to switch it up and you ain’t worried about the cost? Is it hard for you to find options to achieve the look you want because of a medical condition or hair loss?  Do you feel like you need a boost in confidence? Help with expressing your self image? 


Let Bombshell Perfection be your main source to depend on for quality, versatile, long-lasting BOMB  Hair.


Bombshell Perfection was created by entrepreneur Lameisha back in 2017.  She once desired to be the “It Girl” in the room, and she knew other women wanted to feel the same. After becoming frustrated with the choices in local beauty stores, she knew she had to find hair that allowed you to color, style, or change the versatility of the texture pattern. Lameisha made it a mission to provide other women like herself with a greater variety of options and ways to achieve the perfect look that would bring that “It Girl” confidence to many. She wants you to feel as powerful, unstoppable, and fearless when wearing Bombshell hair, wigs, and accessories.

The hair

Is BOMB! From the wigs, to the bundles, Bombshell Perfection hair will have you slaying!

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